Leaders in public-private partnerships from over 20 countries discuss how to better fight financial crime

On 14 October, the Financial Expertise Center (FEC) and the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) Future of Financial Intelligence Sharing (FFIS) international research programme co-hosted the '2022 Conference of Partnerships' at De Nederlandsche Bank main building in Amsterdam.
The event brought together leaders in public-private financial information-sharing
partnerships who are at the forefront of improving detection systems for financial crime in their respective jurisdictions.

Conference of Partnerships is back

After a break of three years due to the global pandemic, the 'Conference of Partnerships’ is back for its third edition. The event is a unique forum for international knowledge exchange and to help leaders understand lessons, challenges and opportunities related to how public-private financial information sharing partnerships can increase their effectiveness.
130 persons are attending from over 20 countries, including leadership figures from both the private-sector and public agencies representing respective financial information-sharing partnerships; policy-makers; AML supervisors; and leading research or technical specialists in the field.
The objectives of the event are:
• To provide an interactive forum, bringing together both public sector participants (including Financial Intelligence Unit, law enforcement and supervisor perspectives) and private sector participants of existing partnerships, to share the latest performance data and lessons in partnership-development;
• To support dialogue around the case for greater alignment between supervisory, financial intelligence and partnership priorities;
• To highlight emerging developments in technology that are being applied to support financial information-sharing;
• To explore the optimum link between private-private information sharing platforms and public-private financial information-sharing partnerships; and
• To facilitate dialogue about the potential to enhance the effectiveness of relevant crossborder information-sharing, in balance with privacy rights.
Iris Sluiter, Head of the FEC, commented in the importance of the event "The forces of financial crime are affecting and damaging our society. Financial crime does not stop within one institution or at our borders. In this Conference, of course, we all know that both domestic collaboration and international cooperation are essential to respond to the threats we face. There are already many good examples of collaboration and information sharing to fight financial crime. But, also, there is still a lot to be gained in the fight against financial economic crime and the urgency to act has not diminished. There is a gap in our effectiveness which needs to be filled."
Nick Maxwell, Head of the FFIS research programme, stated "This event truly represents some of the most innovative practice from around the world when it comes to fighting financial crime. It is an important time for dialogue between different countries as many countries look again at the legal environment and aim to reform the way we fight financial crime to be more targeted and more effective."
Partnerships confirmed to participate in the 2022 Conference of Partnerships:
• Australian Fintel Alliance
• Canadian Public Private Collaboration Steering Committee (PPCSC)
• Europol Financial Intelligence Public Private Partnership (EFIPPP)
• Finnish AML/CFT Expert Working Group on a PPP basis
• Germany Anti Financial Crime Alliance (AFCA)
• Guernsey Integrated Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Intelligence Taskforce
• Gibraltar Financial Liaison and Intelligence Network (FLINT)
• Irish Joint Intelligence Group (JIG)
• Jersey Financial Intelligence Network (JFIN)
• Joint Chiefs of Global Tax Enforcement – Public-Private Partnership (J5-GFIS)
• Latvia Cooperation Coordination Group (CCG)
• Lithuania - Centre of Excellence in Anti-Money Laundering
• Malaysian Financial Intelligence Network (MyFINet)
• South African Anti-Money Laundering Integrated Taskforce (SAMLIT)
• Swedish Anti-Money Laundering Intelligence Taskforce (SAMLIT)
• The FEC Netherlands Serious Crime Taskforce (NL-SCTF)
• The FEC Netherlands Terrorist Financing Taskforce (NL-TFTF)
• The Netherlands Fintell Alliance (FA-NL)
• U.S. FinCEN Exchange
• UK National Economic Crime Centre / Joint Money Laundering Intelligence Taskforce (JMLIT)
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The Financial Expertise Centre (FEC) started in 1999 and is a collaboration with public and private partners. The common goal of the FEC partners is to strengthen the integrity of the financial sector. The mission of the FEC is to realize synergy by stimulating, coordinating and increasing mutual cooperation between the partners by exchanging information and sharing insight, knowledge and skills. The FEC is very proud to be host of the Conference of Partnerships 2022.